main_02What is Moosestock?

Moosestock is an annual music festival / party hosted by the Celina Moose Lodge #1473. The Lodge is located on Grand Lake St. Marys and provides the best summer entertainment in area. Moosestock is held on Labor Day weekend and has been known as the final throw-down of the season! See the full schedule HERE!

I am a Moose Member — what do I need to bring?

You need to bring your Moose Membership Card and have your membership dues paid in full. If you are not sure what your current membership status is — you can check it online HERE! Your active membership and a photo ID will get you a wristband. You will need that to make purchases.

I am not a Moose Member — am I allowed at Moosestock?

YES! Moosestock is primarily for our members but we also invite guests to come see the show and see how great it is to be apart of the Moose organization. Non-members are allowed on the property but are not allowed to make any purchases.

I just became a member or renewed my dues and don’t have my new card yet?

You should have a receipt from your initial sign-up or renewal payment. That will qualify as a Moose ID card.

The parking lot is full — are there any alternatives?

Though we have a large parking lot, it fills quickly. Any cars not parked in a designated marked spot will be subject to tow. Also, please respect our neighbors and don’t use their parking lots. Many side streets allow parking. Feel free to leave your vehicle parked overnight if needed!

Explain the boat docking situation?

Boat docks are initially reserved for members that have paid for their dock space. Boaters with reserved docks have until a set time to get their boats docked. Once their reserved time has expired — the Moose “Harbor Patrol” will release the dock to first-come-first-serve. Boaters may beach their boat on the beach on the east side of the Lodge. Please do not tie-off any docked boats or anchor in the bay.

Can I carry-in my own beer/alcohol? Does this festival serve anything other than beer?

No and yes! Absolutely no carry in alcohol! We have plenty of outdoor/indoor vending that serves a variety of beer, mixed drinks, shots including are very popular jello shots. Our prices are very friendly and above all without alcohol sales there would not be a Moosestock — or possibly a Celina Moose, for that matter.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

The inside bar as well as deck bar accept credit/debit card payments. The outside vendors in the yard only accept cash. We do have an ATM inside.

Someone said there is a fireworks show this year — is that true?

YES — approximately 10:15pm there will be a professional fireworks show just outside the Moose Harbor. Weather permitting.

What about the weather — would if it rains?

We never have fully cancelled Moosestock due to weather but do change the stage schedule when needed. We will be sure to announce any changes in schedule as soon as they are made.

Someone is hitting on my wife/girlfriend — can I beat them up?

No. Fighting or any disruptive altercation will not be tolerated. The Mercer County Sheriff will be on the property to escort, ticket, or arrest any offenders.

Okay most important — What kind of music should I expect to hear at Moosestock?

We try our best to bring in highly-talented musicians that cover a variety of music genres. The 2014 Moosestock includes

  • Grove Hill (known for their Johnny Cash style and crowd-pleasing personality — GH kicks off Moosestock on the deck this year at 1pm)
  • Shelby County Line (a talented group of musicians gaining popularity in the local festival seen — they will also rock the deck in between the main stage acts)
  • Hard Day’s Night (nationally known and respected Beatles tribute band that you have to see to believe — they also play a variety of music outside of the Beatles that people will enjoy)
  • Michelle Romary Band (The MRB has made a couple appearances at the Moose and were highly requested for Moosestock. They play a variety of “Current Top 40′ Hits” as well as the classic festival “sing-along songs” as we call them)
  • Nashville Crush (The most sought-after band in the 2014 festival season — NC puts on a big-concert style show with a mix of country and rock. Along with a short intermission for fireworks — Moosestock is sure to finish strong with this group)

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